Blood Quotes: 100+ Inspirational Blood Donation Quotes And Sayings

Blood Quotes

Blood Quotes: Share The Best Inspirational Blood Donation Quotes And Sayings , With Images,Text,Messages,Status We Select Carefully For You !

We must not show our anger or our hatred except through acts. Cold-blooded animals are the only ones that have venom.

The bonds of friendship are stronger than those of the blood of the family.

You Have Been Thirsty For Blood, And I Fill You With Blood

I know how lavishly the soul lends / oaths to the tongue when the blood burns.

Politics is a war without bloodshed, and war a policy with bloodshed.

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Write With Blood And You Will Learn That Blood Is Spirit

Bravery comes from the blood; courage comes from thought.

Politics is not made with speeches, popular festivals and songs; It is done only with blood and iron.

When The Blood Breathes Hate, It Cannot Dissemble

When atheism wants martyrs, let me tell you, my blood is rea

Wash the honor with dirty blood all over.

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When Atheism Wants Martyrs, Let Me Tell You, My Blood Is Rea

The principles are the principles, even if the blood has to run through the streets!

The tree of liberty must be watered from time to time with the blood of patriots and tyrants. It’s your natural fertilizer.

Wash The Honor With Dirty Blood All Over

You have been thirsty for blood, and I fill you with blood

The true family is one
united by spirit and not by blood.

That Which Only Grazes Others Hurt Me To The Blood

Only those who shiver every inch of your body and make you feel the blood pumping in a charming rhythm, is capable of ruining the world when it leaves.

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When I remember the whipping of the whip, my blood runs cold, I remember the slave ship, when they brutalized my soul.

Tears Are Transparent Drops Of Blood

The running of the waters, the passage of the clouds, the play of the children, the blood in the veins. This is the music of God.

You empty your veins, our blood cools, we are sick from an early age, unable to give and to forgive. But when we fill …

Tears Are The Blood Of The Soul

Our life is truculent:
born with blood
and bloody cuts the union
that is the umbilical cord.
And how many die with blood.
You have to believe in the blood
as part of our life.
The truculence.
It’s love too.

Open Newspaper, Coffee, Milk And Blood Close To War

“I endless kiss,
might last a lifetime
and appease my desire
boils my blood:
Calm down with your kiss”

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I Would Rather Have Blood On My Hands Than Water Like Pontius Pilate

When the blood breathes hate, it cannot dissemble.

To make our faults forget in the eyes of the world, it takes torrents of blood; But a tear is enough with God.

I Need Blood Instead Of Tears

All the flags were so filled with blood that it’s time we completely banished them.

open newspaper, coffee, milk and blood close to war

I would rather have blood on my hands than water like Pontius Pilate.

Blood Quotes And Sayings

You know, deep down I’m a sentimental. We all inherit a good dosage of lyricism in Lusitania blood. Even when my hands are busy torturing, cracking, twisting, my heart closes my eyes and sincerely cries …

Loving never stopped tears from bursting inside me. Nor did it prevent mortal separations. The world failed for me, I failed the world. So I do not want to love anymore. What do I have left? Live automatically until natural death arrives. But I know that I cannot live automatically: I need protection and it is the shelter of love.

I want to write ideas
without the misuse of the word. (I want to write the red blur of blood)

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Covenants. I think that’s it. Not of blood or of anything that can be seen and touched. It is a silent covenant that has the power to keep things rooted, a pact of eternity, even if fate will one day divide the two paths.

That which only grazes others hurt me to the blood.

I am bound by the legacy of the spirit and blood
the martyr, the killer, the anarchist.
I am bound
To the couples on the ground and in the air,
the grocer around the corner,
the priest, the beggar, the woman’s life,
the mechanic, the poet, the soldier,
the saint and the devil,
Built to my image and likeness

There on the hill
love from blood rushes
girl crying
That true love is always what dies

Tears are transparent drops of blood.

I disguise my jealousy, I swallow your provocations;
The blood boils, I feel angry,
but do not create case, do not do the scene,
because I know that at the end of the night
I will get the way you
and show you why you’re mine,
mine alone …

When there was no other ink in the world the poet used his own blood.
Not having paper, he wrote in his own body.
Thus, the voice was born, the river itself anchored.
Like blood: no voice or spring.

Blood Quotes With Images

Maybe they are not blood ties that make a family; Maybe it’s the people who know our secrets. But they still love us. So that we can be, ourselves.

Let the madness flow in your veins. And when they hurt you, let the blood run wild, also driving those who have hurt you.

Tears are the blood of the soul.

I need blood instead of tears.

Write with blood and you will learn that blood is spirit.

They could order me: “Kill yourself in the war.”
Your name will be the last clot of blood on my lips torn by bullets.

The Atlantic is small to separate us, because the blood is stronger than the sea water.

There is no idea born of the human spirit that has not run blood under the earth.

Breaks up a hoot:
asphalt blood unwary.
– Late evening.

If her love died, I would tear her heart from her breast and drink her blood.

You see, the problem is that God gave man the brain and the penis, but enough blood to work one at a time.

Passion want blood and broken hearts
and longing just hurt because they made so much damage
and that slavery and the pain do not want to
When I believed that it was a fait accomplice
came the sickle and threw you away
Away from my side – Blood Quotes

Do not make small plans; They have no magic to stir the blood of men. Make big plans, look tall with confidence and work.

your heart with flowers,
and saw your blood flow to me your affection …

Every drop of innocent blood shed cries revenge against the prince who made the sword sharp

Whoever has never tasted his own blood when he was injured does not know what it is to be a vampire.

I was a vampire and she was the sweetest blood I had smelled in eighty years. I never imagined a smell like that could exist. If I had known it existed, I would have gone looking for it for a long time. I would have searched the planet for her. I could imagine the taste …

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