50 Unique Birthday Quotes For Someone Very Special & Wishes


Birthday Quotes For Someone Very Special

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You’re one of those few people in life that only a few of us are lucky enough to meet – a very special person. And today is your day, so it’s with great joy that I tell you: Happy birthday!

This is a date that deserves great celebration, because today marks one of the great gifts of God to the World: you.

It is a blessing that is part of my life, to be able to count on you, just as you can always count on me, whatever comes and goes.

Have a wonderful day, filled with beautiful moments and great joy, and a life illuminated by much love and all the happiness of the world. Congratulations and complete many, many more years!

Throughout life we know many people, some who are staying, others who soon move away. Of some we like a lot, others not so much. But for me, and for all of them, none is as special as you. Happy Birthday!

And because she is such a wonderful person, so special in my life, I wish her day to be exceptional too, to live great moments of joy and receive a lot of sincere affection.

I really like you and wish you all the happiness in the world, for today and forever!

Have you ever been told that you are a very special person?That the light you emit could even light a star? Have you ever been told how you make others feel important?

There’s someone around here who smiles for such real love.Have you ever been told that many times, when you were sad, your e-mails made you smile a little and even made you happy?

By the time you spend sending things and sharing everything you find, there are no words to thank you.

Have they ever told you how much they appreciate you? Today I want to say that you are special to me! Congratulations!

Our destiny in a certain way is already written and predicted, but the paths we follow are full of surprises and endless adventures.

We know, discover and deepen in what will enrich us and add us. I am talking about the friendships that are formed and that become important and vital in our daily routine.

I want to thank you very much today for your birth, for everything you have conquered in your life and especially for the friendship that binds us.

Being friends with someone is something incredible that can not be defined or explained. It is a person who always accompanies us, who shares silences and who sympathizes with our difficulties.

I want to be always this nice and special person, with whom you can count on all the stages and situations of your life.

Best Birthday Quotes For Someone Very Special Wishes

I really like you and consider you to be exceptional and of great value, so receive my message of affection, respect and appreciation for your birthday. Congratulations!

Father, what about you? It’s a bit complicated to express my feeling for you, but make sure it’s a huge love.

With each passing day I just have to thank you, because you’re always close when I need to. It is close at moments of joys, is close when I need a friend shoulder, always ready to give me the most support.

You are always protecting me, and telling everyone the pride you have for me, is always pointing out some mistake so that I can improve.

Father, you are the only man who is always around, the only one who would do anything for me. You are my hero, and I love you very much! Happy Birthday!

You are far, far away so that I can embrace you, but you will never be too far away to leave my heart. Happy birthday, and even far away, feel my virtual hug of affection!

You are very special to me, and no matter how long or how many miles we separate, your place in my heart is cemented forever.

Have a splendid day, and today and always happiness is the main seasoning of your life!

Today is celebrated another year of life of someone very special, a wonderful person and that has permanent residence in my heart: you! Happy Birthday!

I wish today’s sun to shine brighter, for you to receive much affection and homage, and for your heart to be reborn with a powerful energy and hope that will last for the whole year.

Congratulations, today and always! May you never lack love, friendship, health, success and peace in your life. Congratulations!

Happy Birthday! More special person than you do not exist. His way is unique and his contagious affection. At her side there is no sadness and everything is full of beauty. I love your company.

I wish you have a wonderful day and that for life you keep your special way of being.Do not let anything or anyone steal your glitter from your eyes and that cheerful laugh. Always be happy!

My angel, today my heart is just happiness, because I celebrate another year of life of a loved and beloved person. I hope that your life is taken with great joy, that your ambitions are transformed into conquests and that today your face is the scene of many smiles.

May God be eternally your best friend and may he never lack health. Do not forget to believe in your capacity, everything that is done with love and willpower is destined to achieve great results.

Today is also a day of thanks, for all that has already been achieved, for the good memories of the past and especially for everything that has already been surpassed.Completing another year of life is a divine gift, but one that must be celebrated every day.

Enjoy your day intensely, with many hugs, kisses and joy. May all that is desired be duly fulfilled, and that good energies may come at this moment by your side carrying you with much enthusiasm.
Happy Birthday!

Congratulations my dear friend!

Top Birthday Quotes For Someone Very Special Messages

Friend, I called you I
do not know why I called you so
Friend, I called you I
already know why I called you this
Because you understand me
Because you are nice to me
Because you are also people
you are true friend

Friend, you are what you are
When people it’s down there
You come lovingly
Raise your head
You come up with this sweet way
You who are true friend

Friend, I do not want to lose you
Sometimes I want to save each time you
Cause look, true friend
Do not cry for me or for anyone

You do not deserve cry
Not worthy to suffer
Do not deserve to shout
Do not deserve to lose

But I deserve to, to lose or to win
Always with you friend,
by your side I will be
The happiest person in the world
To face whatever comes, by your side
Together we will win both,
Always, always united,
Friends , friends.

Happy Birthday! On this special day, my desire can not be fulfilled: to have you near me. I will not lie and say that it is easy to live in the distance, far away. It is difficult, it takes a lot of resistance to longing, it takes a lot of strength.

It’s that when you like someone, it’s hard not to be around. But I feel that this does not shake our union, we continue with our relationship in high with the certainty that soon we will conquer eternity with a real hug! Have a nice day!

It is Carnival and the revelry is in the air. And if someone says they do not like sambar I just think it must be bad from the head or they should be sick from the foot. But it is not your case, which for even more has double celebration that year.

Congratulations on your birthday and good Carnival! Enjoy this special day, enjoy every moment and be happy always!

There is no one in the world who deserves more than you receive homage every day, but today will be special, after all it’s your birthday!

But your true achievement is not to be completing another year of life, but every day brighten our lives with your presence.

You are special and because we exist we also feel more special. You are one of those rare people who can transform everything and everyone for the better just by being present.

It’s very easy to like and admire you. Congratulations on your birthday and for being what you are!

After a certain time of life, and knowing several people, we can distinguish between all these people who really deserve positive prominence.

And you are one of those people that stands out in my mind, and it will always be so.You are very special, and a wonderful person.

I really like you and I wish with all my heart that you are always happy, and that today, enjoy your birthday with joy. Congratulations, for another year of life and for being such a special person!

Congratulations to you,
Super special person
That every day
Enchant my life
And makes her vibrate with joy!

To today and forever!
May you never lack
Love, health and peace,
And its essence so unique
Never let it shine.
Happy Birthday!

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