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The way we conceive, family life is no more natural to us than a cage for a parrot is.

Friends Are The Family That Allowed Us To Choose

All social doctrine that aims to destroy the family is poor, and more irrelevant. When it decomposes a company, which is found as final residue is not the individual but the family.

The family is not born ready; It builds gradually and is the best laboratory of love. At home, parents and children can learn to love, have respect, solidarity, faith, fellowship and other feelings.

Never Let Anyone Outside The Family Know What You Re Thinkin

Family, you are the abode of all the vices of society; You are the nursing home women who love their wings, the householder prison and hell of children.

The family is not you, is near you, make up your world, but not their identity.

A Second Well Lived Is Worth A Fixed Bad Love

At first, the children love their parents. After a while, they start to try them. Rarely or never forgive.

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The family is much bigger than you think. It represents the past, present and also the future.

Only Around A Woman Who Loves Can Form A Family

If it was not love, it was the same family. For it left what remains of the abandoned hearts. The lack. Longing. The hurt. An almost despair, a kind of airplane falling we know it will stabilize, just do not know if it will be before or after hitting the ground.

“You are still the dreamer lyrical the family, always believe in beautiful things and people, and forever in the expectation that the world suffers such a metamorphosis that you desire.”

An Addiction Is More Expensive Than Maintaining A Family

I have brothers, father, but I have no mother. Who has no mother, no family.

“Family” is a word that is far beyond simple one’s blood ties.

Better A Repentant Sinner Than A Malicious Angel

There are the true inbreeding family ties but the sympathy and communion of ideas, which hold the spirits before, during and after their incarnations.

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Poor first to leave that family lunch. Immediately turns gossip target of others!

Family Is A Collection Of People Who Claim Block And Attack In Particular

Of course, I make many plans. This is the secret to staying alive. My whole family is very strong. I’m sure that I will live at least until some 70 years.

Everything is connected, like the blood which unites one family.
All things are connected.
What the earth falls on the sons of the earth.
There was the man who weave the web of life.
It is only a thread within it.
All Whatever you do to the web, you are doing yourself.

Family The Only Kind Of Love That Does Not Because You Pain

If you go through a war at work, but you have peace when you get home will be a happy human. But if you have joy away from home and live a war in your family, unhappiness will be your friend.

Other things may change us, but the family is the beginning and the end.

Genius Can Only Make Up For The Defects Come From A Family Leaving No

I do not want you to think of me for no reason, but that makes me the reason of your thoughts

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Have the same blood does not make you be the family; you have to earn.

Given The Family Together Every Lion Turns Ant

A nightingale! …
And at dinnertime
family together.

Your heart
is in Easter …
Easter awareness,
Easter life,
Easter family
and yourself …

I Do Not Understand Why This Yellow So Everything Was Shakin

I consider family and not the individual as the true social element (risking me to be judged as retrograde spirit).

Family is the only thing that no one in the strip, just away from the life

I Learned That I Need To Be Perfect All The Time That My Family Loves Me

Nature brought us together in a huge family, and we should live our lives together, helping each other.

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Money in Pocket God in the Heart, United Family and Champagne pros Brothers.

I Should Open Your Lungs And To Punch Him

The man may be the head of the family, but the woman is the neck and she turns her head to where she wants.

A ‘family’ is possible only if it is associated with the value of ‘love’ and the concept ‘unconditional’.

Married Men Family Parents Those Great Adventurers Of The Modern World

Patience is a family curse. There is always a joker who is not deceiving. Who wants to understand the destination, you must survive it.

It’s sad but be disappointed with people, whether friends, family, boyfriend (a). Now think about how many you already disappointed.

Never Say What You Feel To Someone Outside The Family

“Society is not more than the development of the family if the man leaves the corrupt family, corrupt will be for society.”

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Family is based, friendship is affinity, understanding.
Family can be friends!
Friends can be family!
Both are eternal.
Family we learn to love, and love anyway.
Friends we choose and not give up.

No Justified Success Failure Of A Marriage Of A Family

When it comes to family, basically we are still children no matter how old we always need a home to call home. Because without the people you love most, you cannot help but feel alone in the world.

“I have no passions, I love and such are my family, where my friends .. my BEST friends without words to define”

No Less Torment In The Government Of A Family Than In An Entire State

Observe your family worship and fulfill your duties to your father, your mother and all your relatives. Educates children and you need not punish the men.

The family is the place where minds come in contact with each other. If these minds love one another the home will be as beautiful as a flower garden. But if these minds get into a harmony with the others, it will be like a storm that destroys the garden.

Peace And Harmony This Is The Real Wealth Of A Family

You can say goodbye to your family and your friends and depart from miles and miles and at the same time, carry them in your heart, in your mind, in your stomach because you do not just live in the world, but the world he lives in you.

You want to do something to promote world peace? Go home and love your family.

All Virtues Are Illegitimate Sisters Dishonoring The Family

Friends are those who challenged the genetics to be part of our family.

Friendship has to be watered every meeting.
Marriage must have to renounce every day
family has to be nurtured at all times.
Love is water, nourish and resign.

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Family love is the most inexplicable thing in the world, nor a parent can tell a child how much you love him, nor the child knows to tell the father, so they just show …

The family is a valuable asset that deserves highest attention and reflection.
I cannot say I never smile, because I do not lack reasons for this: Family and friends, small number, but priceless.

The Family Is The Source Of Prosperity And Misery Of People

Maybe it’s not blood ties that form a family; Maybe it’s the people who know our secrets. But they love us anyway. So we can be ourselves.

My life is driven by pure poetry, rhyming words, partners, friends, family love and God that strengthens every DAY!

The Friendship Bonds Are Stronger Than The Family Blood

Family not trade for anything, nor by anyone, are part of me, part of my being. They are pieces of my heart.

What is family for you?
For me it is a set of nice people who always tries to do the right thing at a time, consisting of mother, father, brother, cousin, cousin and other people! In the family you cannot say everything you feel for her.

The True Family Is One United By Spirit And Not By Blood

While some people try to hurt me, I keep progressing because I have a loving family, a strong faith, wonderful friends and fans who give me support.

The family is a safe haven. It is the first place where we want to go when the waves are too strong or when we want to share a great joy.

There Is No Family Without Adulteress

Friend is more than family, is a consenting empathy, complicity beyond blood ties. It is a happy choice of someone who put beside us to wend life!

Today I am not only wife or daughter
I am a father, mother, breadwinner
I am a truck driver, taxi driver,
airline pilot, policewoman,
Workers in construction …
the world I beg leave
to go where you want

True Happiness Is At Home Among The Family Joys

Without God there is no life, no family there is no basis and no friends no colorful world – Family Quotes

Best friends, in fact, are brothers who for some error did not fall in our family.

What Is A Family If Not The Most Admirable Of Governments

When alone, we watch our thoughts; family, our genius; in society, our language – Family Quotes

Nowhere in the family formation was processed as aristocratically as between cane fields …

You Should Never Bet Food

The family is like smallpox: we have as a child and was marked
for life.

“If you are not able to be happy with your family, you will hardly be happy with yourself.”

The family and as a handrail when climbing this difficult always have to lean!

Family Love Quotes , With Beautiful Images

Do not believe if someone told you that marriage and family are outdated stuff. Probably, it is person who does not understand the subject.
Although it has a large family, enact a personal territory, where no one can enter without your permission – Family Quotes

The family is not born ready; It builds gradually and is the best laboratory of love. At home, parents and children can learn to love, have respect, solidarity, faith, fellowship and other feelings.

When you’ve got kids and see something that is apparently useless, collect it because nape know when it can be useful – Family Quotes

“The ATTITUDES we have with our FAMILIA say much of what US”

The whole family really alive secretes a certain ritual without which the long-term risk to lose your secret conviviality.

Wisdom and Calm should lead one’s life, just so you will be in balance with yourself and others around you – Family Quotes

Every child dreams of being happy
Play in the big world, crime an apprentice
death smell spread in the air …
Santa Black came for me
These and other deaths in the family gave me, from little, such an intimacy with death that sweetly learned these relationships between the ephemeral and the eternal. In life, I never struggled to win or lose amazed me. The notion or feeling of the transience of all is the foundation of my personality.

And my name is WOMAN !!!!

Rico has no family. It has shareholder.

Lying to your family, it may seem easy for your boss …. but then tried to do this by looking in the mirror?

The family is a safe haven, where do we come back after a big storm – Family Quotes

I Love My Family Quotes & Sayings

Never write an advertisement which you would not want your family to read. You would not tell lies to your own wife. Do not tell me.

Rape there, cut up from here, but the worst crime I saw was a father killing every day going to work without knowing for what.

If people did not call separation, family law lawyers would starve.
It is concluded that the whole family lawyer is a cupid inside out, a vulture lurking.

The truth, Marcellus, is that family may be more than those with whom we share blood. We can choose – Family Quotes

I love my family because they gave me all education and teaching that made me become the person I am today.

The greatest love in the world is a mother’s love. The greatest wealth we have in the world is our family. And the biggest diamond that we have in the soul is God.

The future of humanity passes through the family. Only she saved – Family Quotes

“Family is for us the band when Mike puts a dress on the bus and yet we love it.”

Not afraid to stumble, because even if I fall, I have a good family and good friends to never feel ungrounded because they yes, are the first to pull me up and the first to give me your hands Family Quotes.

Reconciliations are always welcome; Be in love, friendship, family … Nothing better to make peace and come back to talk to the people we fight, but love!

Dedicated family? A man who is dedicated to family will never be a real man.

The family is the place of formation of our identity. Sees in the rejection and the errors of his family the opportunity to create in you a new structure for the sovereign hand of God!

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