Anniversary wishes: 40 Most Beautiful Happy Anniversary Wishes


Anniversary Wishes
Anniversary wishes: Top Happy Anniversary wishes For Friends,Text Sms,sayings,Status,wishes,Messages

Congratulations! You have been a friend fabulous; always present, always worried, always attentive. I think it’s details like these that distinguish the ordinary people of great people. And of course you are part of the second team! I hope this day is very special and that all their goals are met, because you deserve it! Have a happy day, friend! – anniversary wishes

Congratulations my friend! You’re getting a very responsible adult. I am very happy to know that you are taking your love through the most important bond between two people: Marriage wish not repent to date not later! Play. I’m sure you’ll be very happy with his new family in their new home of love! Congratulations! – “anniversary wishes”

Happy birthday, friend! Our friendship goes beyond any border. It overcomes any difficulty. You are far away! Nostalgia has been our biggest obstacle. But we have shown that the connection we hold our ideals, our strength and motivation. I cannot wait to return for you hungered and deserved hug. Enjoy your day, friend! See you soon. – anniversary wishes

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Today is a day of celebration, friend! Congratulations on another year of life. It is very gratifying to be part of your life, you know? You are a wonderful person, has a heart of gold and an unshaken faith. God provides the tools for each of us to build. And you have done an exemplary job, buddy! I like you very much! And I wish that especially today the joy on your side – anniversary wishes

Happy Birthday, my good friend! I wish that your day is very happy and that the word of the Lord is present and priority at all times. You are my best friend, in fact, our relationship began many years ago. We share a thousand and one things; we are complicit in countless stories. And we continue to face anything together and build our way across the road and the word of God. Have a very special day, my good friend! – anniversary wishes

Congratulations, my good friend! It’s great to share another anniversary of his side. You have been a friend complete; always watchful. And constantly with the word of the Lord at all times. In fact, everyone should learn to take care of others and to see the life your way. I wish your day be filled with positive emotions and good energy, my friend! – anniversary wishes

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Happy Birthday my friend! You are one of the dearest people I know in life. No matter how we met, if the friendship was born of a virtual mode. Increasingly the world is open and people have the right to know where they want. Fortunately, I found you – one of the people I love most in life! I like you very much. Kiss – Anniversary wishes

Happy birthday, friend! Despite the distance that separates us, I wish you have a wonderful day! Let nothing interfere with your dreams. And your way to happiness is a harmony of constant among all those who love you and cheer for their success. In fact, I know of someone who deserves to be so accomplished and happy as you. Keep it up, my friend! See you soon – Anniversary wishes

Congratulations, buddy! From today you are officially an adult. Are eighteen years! Congratulations! We are proud to count on your company, with your complicity and especially with their friendship. The feeling that unites us is unconditional, you know? We’re like brothers! God brought us through His teachings. And together we are helping to build an even better world! Have a very special day, friend! – Anniversary wishes

The Best Happy Anniversary Wishes

There are people who like us. There are people we like. There is family, there are friends. And there are the best friends that are stepped up. These words are for you, my true friends. I want to thank you for everything! I’m just happy with you around! I would not know what would smile and condescension joy if you were not the best people in the world. A thousand thanks, my friends – Happy Anniversary wishes

Congratulations! You’re giving one of the most important steps of your life, my friend. But it is anyway: we have to walk on the road that chooses to live. That’s why I feel a giant proud to have a friend like that. You decided, has the strength and determination of a lion. I wish that your new home is a source of positive energy. And peace and love is always on your side. Congratulations, buddy – “Happy Anniversary wishes”

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The missing are even stronger on days like today, my good old friend! Congratulations! Long time we are not together, do not we talk face to face, not time we stopped with a hug. But the gap is so. She does not disappoint; it does not help. It is a litmus test for any sense! I wish that your day is very positive and all their will end up coming. Have a great day, buddy! – Happy Anniversary wishes

You are a pride for me! Believe me I feel a deep admiration for the whole path traveled. And today you are proving to everyone how much love is powerful. Happy Wedding Anniversary, Friends! I wish to continue spreading joy and love throughout life. You deserve to be happy. They deserve to be happy together! Congratulations – Happy Anniversary wishes

Happy Birthday! Today is special, dear friend. I am very pleased to have his friendship more than anything. It is curious that we met in the company. It all started when you were only a special client for all. His sympathy, his warmth and his manliness always pleasing to all staff. Fortunately, today we are good friends! Have a peaceful day! – Happy Anniversary wishes

Congratulations my friend! Today is by far I send my wishes for a very happy day, and let a virtual hug full of longing. I hope another year of life has brought the realization of many dreams, and that next year will be even better. I feel really miss your friend, but I like to know that you are well and happy. For despite the distance, I know our friendship will remain strong and secure forever. Happy Birthday my friend! Best wishes and many years of life. – Happy Anniversary wishes

Anniversary Wishes Quotes & Sayings

Congratulations my friend! Friendship is the purest feeling that exists. And together we build a bond for life. Our complicity, our care are things that are priceless. Friends like that, like you, I think no longer exist. That’s why I want your day contains all peace and harmony you deserve. And do not forget to be happy today and always! Happy Birthday – Happy Anniversary wishes

If there were any justice in life, today you would be here by my side, and together we could celebrate this very important day and all night toast to your health. Happy birthday, friend! Unfortunately, you are away and will have to toast separate. But joyful another year in his life, wishing all the best to you, good health, love and happiness. Miss her, friend! Congratulations! – Happy Anniversary wishes

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Every day is yours, but today it is even more than the others. Happy Birthday my friend! I wish the day reveal the best for you. And the fun does not know limit or condition I wish that all your dreams were realized today – you deserve it! In fact, we are more than friends; you are like a brother to me! Maybe so make sure that only happiness is just for you! Have a fabulous day, my friend, my brother!  – Happy Anniversary wishes

My friend, today I want to congratulate you for another year of life and thank you and God, to have him at my side, it is a wonderful person and a friend unique. Happy birthday! It’s know that we are connected not only through our friendship, but also of our faith. We are friends but also brothers in faith. May the Lord bless you with a lot of life, and light with a lot of happiness, health, love and peace. Congratulations my friend! – Happy Anniversary wishes

It is delicious when someone remembers our anniversary, the date we started our journey in life! You are much more than just co-workers. You are living proof that the friendship exists and is the strongest feeling in the world! My thanks to everyone, for all of you are responsible for the happiness that I feel every day. – Happy Anniversary wishes

Happy birthday, friend! Your birthday was more than celebrated. I just forgot to call you. Jumped these days remembering all of your day and sent him all positive energy of Carnival. Late Congratulations! I hope you enjoyed the most and renewed for next year. I wish you good health, success, time, peace, happiness, achievements, work, money, family, friends, willpower! I’m sure many good things will always be part of your life because you deserve it Thanks for the good times. When you need, I’m always here. Just get away in the days of Carnival … A warm embrace! – Happy Anniversary wishes

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Have a Happy Birthday, my eternal friend! I
wish that your day is a constant joy and good humor , because you deserve it Because you’re good! Life have joined in a dating very happy, a dating that carries nostalgia in my heart. It did not work and we went our separate way, but believe me it’s not easy for me because I like you really. I miss our complicity, his constant attention and affection. There are times when I cannot believe we are exes. Be happy! Conquer your dreams and have always present in the memory I love you! – Happy Anniversary wishes

Congratulations, my friend! I
wish a very special day
Alegre and full of good surprises.
That never lacks happiness,
health, love and success. I love you and our friendship and so even want much That is always good. Happy birthday! – Happy Anniversary wishes

Hello my friend, how are you? I am writing to ask you a super favor. I have some problem and some financial difficulties and have no longer to turn. You’re the last person I remembered, but could you lend me a thousand real urgently? It’s not April 1st, but I’m sure you fell into the lie! It’s a joke, my friend. Of course you are not the last person I remember, neither the best nor the worst situations. I forgot you, but it was an accident. Actually forgot your birthday, but always think of you fondly and know that I have sent many positive thoughts and happiness to you. In any case, I congratulate and wish all the happiness in the world for you, that this new year in your life We bring you many times to vibrate with joy and enthusiasm, peace, health to spare, and lots of money to lend. Speaking to lend money, you know those thousand realis? Play! Congratulations and super hug! – Happy Anniversary wishes

Today is a day of celebration, friend! Congratulations on another year of life. It is very gratifying to be part of your life, you know? You are a wonderful person, has a heart of gold and an unshaken faith. God provides the tools for each of us to build. And you have done an exemplary job, buddy! I like you very much! And I wish that especially today the joy on your side. – Happy Anniversary wishes

Congratulations my friend! You’re getting older. It is now officially an adult, a real man! Play. It is not turned eighteen that matures. Already responsible enough – do not need an age for the show. Keep it up, and generous friend, because only that really matter. Enjoy your day in style, my friend! Be okay. – Happy Anniversary wishes

Happy birthday, friend! Long time we are not together, anniversary wishes for friends but we never forget each other. This is proof that our long friendship is stronger than rock. This special day for you, I am always remembering our child’s time. You were so rebellious! Remember when anything was reason to play? Were unforgettable moments, my friend Have a wonderful day! Congratulations!

Congratulations my friend! I hope your day is very happy. And all your dreams come together to be still implemented today. That would be wonderful! I would like you to know that our friendship is very important to me. By the way, could not live otherwise. Is that you are like a brother, you know? We are friends, we are family! Enjoy your day in style, my friend! – Happy Anniversary wishes

Congratulations my friend! You are getting older, until now is an adult really! Play. I always thought you very responsible, so now that full eighteen years of life nothing will change. I only wish that the joy of living still evident on his face and that happiness, peace and love are always on your side. Have a memorable day, my friend! – Happy Anniversary wishes

Friend, I miss I feel you! And how sorry I am now unable to be with you anniversary wishes to celebrate another anniversary yours. Congratulations! Unfortunately, life prevents us from being close to all the people we like, but know that even from a distance never allow our friendship is over. And I know that will never end, because it is strong and we like each other very much. Happy birthday, friend! Best wishes for today and forever, joy, love, peace and health! – Happy Anniversary wishes

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